Công ty TNHH MTV Tư Vấn Đào Tạo Trí Phúc hoạt động về lĩnh vực TƯ VẤN QUẢN LÝ và ĐÀO TẠO KỸ NĂNG , Trí Phúc được thành lập dựa trên kinh nghiệm tư vấn thành công cho các doanh nghiệp từ mới thành lập đến các doanh nghiệp đang phát triển.

About Us

Tri Phuc Co., Ltd is company  active  in the field of MANAGEMENT CONSULTING and TRAINING . Tri Phuc was established based on successful experience consulting for companies  such as manufacturing , trade , services , restaurants , ranging from start-up enterprises to companies developing .

Our consultants include experts have many years working in  Limited Company in the areas of : service ,  materials business construction,  seafood processing ,  laboratory …

Ours services:

  • Consulting Management Systems (ISO 9001 , ISO 26000 , ISO 22000 , ISO 15189 )
  • Consulting organization and business management
  • Consulting solutions help businesses maintain operations to overcome difficulties
  • Advice to detect potential risks to financial management
  • Financial Advisory
  • Consulting survey , assessment , organizational development business
  • Consult the restaurant business
  • Training skills


  • Providing quality services to the customer satisfaction
  • Providing consulting solutions appropriate to the specific conditions of each client
  •  Actively accompany and assist clients to achieve their goals.
  • Absolute compliance with the principle of confidentiality of client information .
  • Tri Phuc helps enterprises build a management system developed to
  • Achieve the set goals of a business

Tri Phuc wish always be at your side , become your esteemed partner during the development process .


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